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Lightings : Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting

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Lightings : Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting

Lightings : Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting Studies show that in the US, an average household spends 5-10% of its energy budget on lighting. This shows that there is a potential of saving money by achieving higher efficiency lighting. Here are some useful tips on achieving energy efficient lighting and reducing your next electricity bill.

Tip #1 - Replace Lamps and Fixtures
In the discussion last month on the types of lighting, Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) is identified as a good energy efficient lighting option. Begin by replacing your lamps from incandescent to CFL. You can do it by stages. Change the ones you use most often first. That way you will not have to spend a lot of money on bulbs at the same time. Check your local home store for CFL options.

Tip #2 - Controlling Lighting
A lot of times, electricity is wasted by having lighting on where it is not being used. Various methods can be used to regulate the use of lighting. One very common method is by using dimmers to reduce the lighting output. Some other methods to use timers and occupancy sensors. Outdoor lighting can be motion activated. Also lighting that is sensitive to the outdoor lighting conditions can be used. These will turn on when daylight is low, for example at dusk. Most of these are simple to install and can be bought at local home stores.

Tip #3 - Free Lighting
Whenever possible, daylight should be utilized. This is a free resource and using it can save us a lot of money. Blinds, curtains etc can be used to avoid glare. North lighting has good quality of light that is glare free. Various types of glazing materials can also provide desired benefits and lighting levels.

Tip #4 - Maintenance
Usually we forget that even the lights in our house need maintenance. Cleaning the bulbs and fixtures regularly can greatly increase lighting efficiency. Please be careful while cleaning bulbs. Never clean them while they are hot. Replacing old fixtures and lamps with new more efficient ones is also a good idea.

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