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Lightings : Bath Lightings

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Lightings : Bath Lightings

Lightings : Bath Lightings
  • Accent Lighting - Depending on the size of the bathroom accent lighting can add a little drama to a bathroom by creating visual interest. As part of the decorating scheme, accent lighting can be used to spotlight particular objects that are especially attractive or interesting in the bathroom
  • Color - Think about the importance of color in your bathroom interior, then use proper lighting to bring out that dramatic color.
  • Dimming Systems - Today's dimming systems enable you to do several things: lower light levels to conserve energy and increase bulb life, vary the mood of a room, and alter the intensity of the light to suit the activity. In the bathroom a dimmer might be used to create a cozy night light out of an otherwise bright lighting system.
  • General Lighting - General lighting provides an area with overall illumination. Also known as ambient lighting, general lighting radiates a comfortable level of brightness, enabling one to see and walk about safely. In the bathroom this general lighting probably should be provided by incandescent or halogen lighting.
  • Indirect Lighting - Coves, soffits and other concealed locations can also be used to provide very pleasant, very effective indirect lighting using T5 or T8 fluorescent strip fixtures. If fluorescent lighting is used in the bathroom, if at all, it should have a very low color temperature (3000K) and a very high color rendering index (85 or even higher).
  • Layers of Light - There are three basic types of lighting that work together to light a bathroom: general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. A good lighting plan combines all three types to light an area, according to function and style.
  • Low-Voltage Halogen Lighting - Low-voltage halogen lighting offers a very white, crisp kind of light source that has excellent color rendering capabilities and often makes materials like cut glass or polished tile "sparkle".
  • Task Lighting - In the bathroom, especially around mirrors, task lighting is critical. Task lighting can assist in performing specific tasks such applying makeup, shaving, dressing a wound, or performing a manicure. It is recommended that special neodymium light bulbs be used in these applications since they provide excellent light that very closely simulates sunlight.
  • Vanity Lighting - Recessed down-lights should NOT be used to light your face while standing at a mirror because the light coming from these fixtures can cause too many shadows on your face. Instead, light fixtures that are attached to the wall either above or beside the mirror should be used. That way, shadows on your face can be minimized. Recessed downlights can be used in other parts of the bathroom for general lighting but NOT for task lighting at the vanity.
  • Wall Grazing - Wall grazing provides dramatic illumination that reveals the texture of special materials, such as the brick, stone, or tile. Wall grazing is uneven, brighter and scalloped at the top of the wall. For the most exciting effects, use PAR lamps in small aperture down-lights. Locate the downlights no more than 12 inches from the wall and the same distance apart. Wall grazing also lights polished surfaces, such as marble without distracting reflections in the surface.
  • Wall Washing - Wall washers are special down-lights that direct light up to the top of the wall. They eliminate the shadows, sometimes called "scallops", which are characteristic of simple down-lights. Do not space wall washers more than 36 inches apart. For the smoothest effect, space wall washers 24 inches from the wall and 24 inches apart. Avoid locating wall washers near doors where they can glare into the eyes of people entering the room. Be aware of flickering light or an electrical device that works sometimes and other times does not. This could be the indication of a loose connection somewhere. This is different from dimming and brightening of lights. That is frequently caused by a problem from the power company wiring but could also be in the house main panel.
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