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Hurricane Irene: NASA Posts Dramatic Full-Earth View

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The good news? The U.S. National Hurricane Center has downgraded the storm from Category 3 to Category 2 with its winds slowing from 115 mph Thursday night to 105 mph on Friday morning when this picture was taken. The hurricane is moving toward the north at 14 mph. Let’s hope that weakening trend continues.

Check out this time-lapse from NASA:

Graphic courtesy Flickr/NASA

A California man is accused of taking two bites out of a python snake and has no recollection of it

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Californian accused of taking two bites out of a python snake and has no recollection of it. KOVR reports

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Smartphone trial judge annoyed by phones in court

Smartphone trial judge annoyed by phones in courtSAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — So far one of the biggest problems for a federal judge overseeing a patent battle between the world's largest smartphone makers isn't about stolen ideas. It's getting the roomful of smartphone devotees to turn off their devices.

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Australia's David Jones to assess $3 billion Myer merger

Australia's David Jones to assess $3 billion Myer mergerDavid Jones Ltd , Australia's second-biggest department store chain, said it will investigate the value of a proposed merger with Myer Holdings Ltd , the strongest sign yet that it will consider the A$3.4 billion ($3.09 billion) deal. A day before it reports half-yearly earnings, David Jones on Tuesday said it had hired management consultant Port Jackson Partners Ltd to assess the value of "synergies that can be extracted if David

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Yemeni tribesmen blow up Marib oil pipeline, stop crude flows

Yemeni tribesmen bombed Yemen's main crude export pipeline on Saturday, forcing oil flows to be stopped, industry sources told Reuters. Yemen's oil and gas pipelines have repeatedly been sabotaged by insurgents or angry tribesmen since anti-government protests created a power vacuum in 2011, causing fuel shortages and slashing export earnings for the impoverished country. Its main export pipeline carries around 70,000-110,000 bpd of Marib light... Read more...

An Enormous Change Is About To Hit This $15 Billion Industry

Leaky pipe? Toilet running? It's time to call the plumber. But wait. Before you do, you better pull out the Rubik's cube. Dust off that Donna Summer LP. Put on some clogs. You need to be ready. You're about to take a trip back to the 1970's. Here we go... You call the plumbing firm and a middle aged lady named Miriam answers the phone. You ask to schedule an appointment. She checks the calendar. She tells you that a plumber can come out on... Read more...

Ukraine needs energy supplies from the EU: PM

Ukraine will need energy from the European Union to protect it from repercussions of its standoff with Russia, on which it depends for over half its oil and gas supplies, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said on Saturday. Yatseniuk's comments came a day after he signed a landmark association agreement with the EU, committing Ukraine to closer... Read more...

Marian Anderson's concert dress goes on view in DC

Marian Anderson's concert dress goes on view in DCWASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time, the dress Marian Anderson wore to sing at the Lincoln Memorial 75 years ago after being denied access to a Washington concert hall because she was black, is going on display at the Smithsonian.

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