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Learn about reflexology

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Learn about reflexology

What is reflexology? What would I expect at a visit? How can this type of therapy help me? What are the effects of this therapy, or any side effects?
Reflexology is the use of pressure on the feet and hands by a trained individual. This technique has been used for centuries in ancient cultures. Working on the premise that each portion of the hands and feet treat a specific portion of the body. The effect is increases blood flow (circulation), relaxes and calms the body, mind and spirit.
What you would expect to happen have a reflexology treatment: once the whole hand or foot are treated the entire body is relaxed and in harmony with itself.

  • You will be placed in either a chair or on a table, depending on the person who administers the pressure treatment.
  • The only article of clothing you will be asked to remove is your socks.
  • Some people may use lotion or oils, but this is highly debatable among other Reflexologies. Most common is a dry treatment.
  • It is a safe, and nonharming treatment to have there has been no case studies to date of any ill effects from reflexology treatments.
  • The session usually lasts anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes
  • Reflexology is not to be replaced by conventional medicine but it does enhance the effects of medical treatments.
  • There is only a certain amount of pressure to be applied to the feet and hands. Work within your comfort zone, and if you feel there is too much pressure or it becomes painful you must stop the treatment.
  • Working on the premise that each portion of the foot deals with a certain body system, by massaging the area you are relaxing the tenseness.
  • It allows an increase of blood flow throughout the body when the entire foot is massaged or "worked".
  • Both feet must be "worked" totally and completely to feel the effects.
  • It is possible for you to do this yourself if only for five to ten minutes a day. There are small rollers you can purchase and use during your "down time".
  • As with most alternative treatments, total relaxation of the body into a meditative state is appropriate in helping the body to heal itself.
  • Always remember to consult with your physician before using any therapies that are new. Persons with diabetes or other disorders that deal with circulatory problems to the legs, arms, hand and feet should be cautioned to please check with their physicians.
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