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Cosmetics tips and advice: must-have makeup applicators

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Cosmetics tips and advice: must-have makeup applicators

A guide for creating a successful look by using the best applicators for different types of makeup.
Creating a successful look with makeup not only depends on the product type and color but the application of the makeup. Selecting the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Use this guide as a base to working with and succeeding on enhancing your natural beauty.

  • Make up can be applied with your fingers, sponges, or a variety of brushes or cotton swabs. All applicators should be kept clean with regular washing or use disposable applicators instead. It is recommended to wash applicators every three months or immediately after getting well from a cold or infection. Use your facial cleanser to wash applicators to avoid harsh chemical reactions on your face. Throw again any applicators that deteriorate after washing. Bacteria from the eyes, nose and mouth can easily be spread so avoid sharing applicators used in these areas. In addition, some makeup sponges contain latex, a product many are allergic to; read labels carefully before use.
  • For liquid or cream makeup such as foundation or blush, sponge applicators are best. Sponges provide an even distribution of makeup that's even better than your fingers. The variety of sponge shapes is wide with the wedge being the most popular. Wedge shapes can get into difficult areas such as under the eyes or the corners of your nose without discomfort. For a light, natural look, or when using water-based liquids, wet the sponge first, wring out and then use to apply. For creams or a heavier coverage, leave the sponge dry. The best method using a sponge is to dip, press and roll. Dip the sponge into the makeup, press onto your face and roll for even distribution. Try not to drag the sponge across your face as this can create streaks. Invest in quality makeup sponges that will last longer and work efficiently.

  • To apply concealer in dark or blemished areas, use a flat, thin, synthetic brush for a small area or a makeup sponge for large areas. Synthetic brushes work best with wet products, as they don't absorb the makeup. Apply concealer before the foundation and blend into the foundation with the sponge. A small, thin brush will prevent irritation in areas around the eye where concealer is used the most.
  • Powder foundations or blushes are best applied with a large, natural bristle brush. Natural brushes will pick up the makeup and hold it within the bristles for an even distribution at the selected points. Use a different brush for foundation than blush as the colors will combine to create a sun burnt look. Keep another natural brush clean and dry to allow blending of the foundation and blush for a natural, light look.
  • Eye shadow can be applied with either a brush or cotton swab. If using a powder eye shadow be certain to use a natural brush, and if using a cream shadow, a synthetic brush will be best. Cotton swabs will work for either type, though the cotton will hold the makeup ? wasting it if immediately disposing of the swab. Use a different swab or brush for each color applied and another clean swab to blend the colors together.

  • Lip and Eye Liner should be applied with a thin, synthetic brush designed for this purpose.
  • A flat-edge with stiffness to it will aid in lining with color. To maintain the stiff bristles, look for a brush that is retractable. Of course, keep lip and eyeliner brushes separate. No one needs black lined lips or red streaks under your lids.
  • Using the right tools will ease the chore of makeup and create a natural, pretty look that should promote compliments.
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