Choosing the Right Clothes

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Choosing the Right Clothes

Choosing the Right Clothes Choosing the right clothes can make the difference between looking great and looking worst. Do you know what makes a woman the centre of all attention? Her clothes. You may have a very beautiful face with rich makeup, but if you are not neatly, elegantly and suitably dressed for the occasion, no one is going to give you a second look, I believe that it is the inherent desire of every woman to be the focus of many adoring eyes and her happiness increases when she believes that she is looking beautiful and this in turn gives her confidence in herself and increases her attractiveness. It is not difficult to be well-dressed and sophisticated.

  • You must learn to dress with taste and imagination and wear clothes that suit you, instead of following the fashion blindly. The selection of fabrics and colors should suit your personality without revealing the inherent beauty secrets, therefore before buying any fabric, drape it over yourself and bur it only if it highlights and adds warmth to you complexion.
  • Never choose a color because it is in fashion or because it suits your friends. No matter what color you choose, it should always flatter you complexion. And never distort you self-coloring. Besides choosing the right shade, see that the clothes you wear fit you nicely.
  • Keep the clothes you have well-starched, well ?perfumed and scented with your favorite perfume. Buy your clothes selectively. Go in for fabrics sold by well-known stores and shops although clothes sold by these shops may cost more, but you can be sure that the fabrics they sell will have fast colours, will be extremely versatile, drape attractively, will be crease resistant. Besides you have the choice of selecting from many attractive colors and designs.
  • One quality which should always be kept in every woman's mind is that her wardrobe should give the impression of plenty. Therefore buy a varied wardrobe. It is a good idea to have some simple clothes in your wardrobe. A plain saree can be offset with a zari choli. In the same way, a plain salwaar kameez outfit or a plain churidar kameez outfit can be set off with an exotic dupatta. The dupatta and the choli can make the difference in the occasion.
  • If you are going for shopping, you can offset these outfits with plain dupatta and choli and if you are going for late night outing you can complement them with beautiful sequined accessories. Don't wear a dress every day, so that people get to identify you with that particular dress.
  • Try to create the impression of having lots of clothes by wearing them by rotation, in this way you will be known as a woman who has plenty of tastefully designed clothes in her wardrobe. The colour of clothes that we choose to wear also depicts our personality and can actually alter our mood.
  • For Example: Physically, red color tends to make the body tense while blue tends to relax the body. Red color excites us while blue tends to make us dull. Pink is warm and romantic while yellow is stimulation and inspiring. So, depending on your moods and the kind of place you are visiting, you should choose the color of your dress.

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